Photos from Sydney Anti-war rally 17-3-07

Socialist Alliance candidate Jakalene X (aka Jakalene Extreme) was one of the co-chairs of Saturday's rally against the war. Here she is pictured leading the chanting at the front of the march.

What a diverse crowd? Up to 800 participated altogether.

This is Marie McKern. She also is an upper house candidate for Socialist Alliance. She hasn't given up the struggle against war after being trampled by police and then hospitalised during the second protest against Dick Cheney (23 Feb 07). She will willing tell you that "Socialism is the only way" to get to a better world. What an inspiring person!

Paul Garrett, assistant branch secretary of the Maritime Union told the rally that whichever government was elected after March 24, they should guarrantee that police will not disrupt the protests against George Bush when he comes to Sydney for APEC in September. We will protest again and again to demand our right to march, he said.

The placard says it all.

This Resistance banner points towards the protests against Bush and Howard in September. Get involved now!

Paddy Gibson from the Stop the War Coalition.

IT truly was a vibrant march, with many young people involved!

Get involved in Stop the War Coalition, ph 0413 976 638 or 0401 900 690.

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